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Axel and Keychla

This couple was beyond special for me. Axel and Keychla were the FIRST couple to find me through my website! I had spent weeks, filled with self doubt, wondering if my site was reaching people and here comes Keychla! I had the privilege to do their pregnancy announcements! They plan to celebrate every step of the way.

Keychla and Axel were full of such personality. They brought SO much heat to our session- even though it was only 40 degrees and quickly DROPPING. OH, I can't forget the slight BREEZE too.

For their session we found ourselves at a local vineyard at sundown. Let me tell you... it was BREATHTAKING. We started first at the small peninsula. The sun was still pretty high and we all appreciated the warmth. Keychla was SO excited every time I shared the back of the camera. Her squeals of excitement and the location set the tone for each shot to come.

Take a peak below!

Across from where we started, there was the bridge. The sun was starting to set, it was the PERFECT backdrop.

Sunset= a vibe.

How cute are they??

By this point I learned that taking pictures, while mask wearing is super similar to having a kid blow their hot breathe on a car window. The FOG in my lens was unreal, BUT we still managed to get great shots!

When I say this is one hot mama, Keychla is one hot momma.

One of my absolute favorite pictures from this session! There's no faking the love between these two.


As the shoot was coming to an end, we walked further down the bridge and found all the locks. They reminded me of the bridge in Paris, where couples come and leave their own lock with their anniversary date. I'm telling you, I've never loved a location more. Check out the locks. How can you not be obsessed?

They were ALL smiles the entire time! This baby is already so loved.

A few of Mom and Dad, even though clearly their child, who hasn’t been born yet, has stolen the show.

I think the whole evening I was telling Keychla how much I was feeling her outfit. Anyone debating on wearing a hat to a session, DO.IT.

By the end of the session all three of us were FROZEN but beyond excited for the final results. I was so ready to go home and just scroll through. I remember texting one of my photography friends- letting them know that I have never been more excited to edit a session. The frozen fingers were 100% worth this entire session. I can't wait to see this couple and growing baby again soon!


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