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Becoming Obsessed

I started this photography venture so I could take better pictures of my kids. What mom isn’t obsessed with their kids? The obsession with getting my kids pictures taken actually started the day my oldest son, Carter, was born.

When I had Carter, I was nearing the end of my senior year and in the middle of student teaching in a Kindergarten classroom. Two weeks before he was born, my mom had called me and told me that I “better” get his newborn pictures done. It was non-negotiable. As a stressed out college senior, the last thing on my mind was getting pictures taken of my child. I remember rolling my eyes and thinking she was absolutely nuts. Why would I get newborn pictures done by someone with some fancy camera if my iPhone can do the same thing?

Fast forward two weeks, there I was with this little bitty baby that was already filling my storage space on the phone. I remember when the newborn photographer came into our hospital room; Cody and I were beyond skeptical. Then she showed us the back of the camera. It was the start of a new obsession.

When the album came back, Cody and I agreed we would buy only a few photos. I had every intention of buying just one or two photos. The photos were to only be of Carter. Instead, I bought the entire gallery, all 30 images, not even thinking about how much that was going to cost us. A gallery, where my hair isn’t brushed, I'm wearing an oversized sweatshirt and I look exhausted. That gallery is still some of my favorite pictures ever taken.

Here is a peak of Carter's pictures:

When it came time to have Grayson we knew we had to have newborn pictures. We actually hunted down the photographer at the hospital. She came in 20 minutes before we were discharged to take some quick photos of little Gray Man.

Here are Grayson’s:

If there’s anything I’ve learned from having both of my kids, you’ll never regret getting newborn pictures done. You could look your absolute worst ( trust me I look my ABSOLUTE WORST for both of mine) but you’ll be just as obsessed. You worked hard to bring those kids into this world, you should be able to remember every moment you can. It’s true what they say, you never get these moments back. Babies grow up and change so fast, you have to take advantage of opportunities when they appear. If you’re thinking about doing newborn pictures or on the fence, do it. I promise you won’t regret it.

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