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Boy or Girl: Axel and Keychla's Gender Reveal

I have been waiting to know what the gender of this couple’s baby was since I met Axel and Keychla. Some of you may remember Axel and Keychla from their pregnancy announcement shoot I had in December.

For those who don’t, here are some photos to refresh your memory:

I was OBSESSED with them from the start. They both were so GREAT to work with! When Keychla messaged me in the middle of the week about their gender reveal, I could NOT wait!

In the short time that I’ve known Keychla, I’ve learned a few things about her: 1. She’s SO excited for this baby and pregnancy. 2. She and her husband Axel are from Puerto Rico ( viva la Boricua) 3. She’s beyond creative.

When I walked into their house I was BLOWN AWAY. In a matter of days, not weeks- DAYS, she had created and assembled all the decorations for her shower. I thought she purchased everything- to my surprise I was entirely wrong.

Look at how cute!

Check out the details!

Due to Covid, the reveal was small and intimate- immediate family only (and me of course). Everyone was so ready to find out if a little boy or girl would be joining their sweet family. Before they got started, Axel expressed that he thought the baby was a girl, he was team Pink all the way. Keychla knew, boy or girl, she was going to be over the moon.

Before we could cut the cake, they had a few phone calls to make. Keychla and Axel have family back in Puerto Rico. Everyone was dialing and connecting everyone so no one was left out.

Once everyone was connected and in position it was time to cut the cake. The inside of the cake was filled with candy that would show what the gender of the baby was. When they said it was time, my nerves were a total 10. No pressure or anything- this is just a moment that you can’t have them redo.

When Keychla and Axel cut into the cake I could feel my palms sweating, I was praying I didn’t miss it. I saw it- PINK!

Then the screams happened. Everyone was beyond excited that sweet little girl was on her way! I found myself squealing behind the camera too! The parents were overjoyed. I learned that this child was going to be the first girl that Axel’s family had. There were a lot of grandsons. You could tell that Axel was SO ready to be a “girl dad”!

Once all of our excitement had calmed down it was time to capture the memory with the family. What was the most memorable was that Axel and Keychla made sure that EVERYONE was included. Quickly phones came out, facetime was pinging and we snapped with those who couldn’t be there.

Here are some of the photos:

These are the mama's of two baby girls that will be blessing this family in the spring/summer of 2021.

Keychla and her beautiful mama. Total twins!

All of these reminded me of just how much Covid still affects people everyday.

I have never had a gender reveal with either of my boys. I have never been to a gender reveal. After Axel and Keychla’s reveal, I am 100% team gender reveal. The excitement, the thrill of just finding out- boy or girl- is an experience everyone should have. I am so thankful Axel and Keychla asked me to be a part of their special day. Congratulations Axel and Keychla, your little girl is already so loved.


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