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See Ya 2020!

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

To say 2020 was a year to remember is an understatement. I'm sure others can fully agree that the year did not go as planned. However, with all the downs there were moments that I'll never forget. I was able to see every single first with Grayson- something that I would have NEVER imagined.

Here's a recap of 2020!


2020, aka the best year ever, started with Carter and I finally getting discharged from the hospital! Carter had a severe case of Croup, leaving us in quarantine and observation for three days. We had watched the fireworks in D.C from our 11th floor window. He was so excited the morning that we were leaving!

He had his favorite breakfast to date- gummy worms.

After his frequent attempts to escape, the nurses brought him a car that he was riding all around the room. When he heard we were heading home he wanted to take the car with him!

I also surprised my husband with his family and a day of skating at the Dominion Skate Rink in Culpeper! None of us had skated in years and it most definitely showed! I still remember my husband wondering why I was moving slower than molasses in the rink parking lot. Little did he know his parents were hiding at the gas station across the street. They drove five hours just to surprise him for the big 28.

While we were there someone had fallen and needed medical attention. Little did I know, my sister- who's a paramedic, would be crashing the party in style.


This month was one of the most fun/tiring months. This month was full of so many surprises for my students. We had just finished fractions, which of course you can't teach fractions without a pizza party! My coworker and I also HAD to honor Kobe and Gianna Bryant on 2/24. This was a day we taught a new generation what it means to have a Mamba Mentality.

We dedicated the whole day to them, dividing our classes into teams with of course Lakers colors.

This month I also started cloth diapering Grayson! For those who know little Gray, he is most definitely on the SLIM side. I was so tired of doing full wardrobe changes because his diapers didn't fit. We made the switch to cloth and never looked back. I never thought I would cloth diaper my kids, but after Grayson and his teeny tiny waist- I knew it was worth a shot. Definitely the best decision ever!


I'm sure we ALL know what happened in March. Coronavirus started to become a HUGE deal. On March 13, we quickly put packets together for kids JUST IN CASE schools had to close for Coronavirus. I have never been so proud of my county. They had it planned from START to FINISH. We had lists of exactly what we were sending home, donations in line, we were so prepared. None of us knew that at 2pm that afternoon the Governor would close schools for two weeks in Virginia.

Little did I know, this would be my last target run.

We left our rooms as is, we thought it would be two weeks. In the first week, we celebrated Carter's third birthday with my parents in their new hot tub and at our house alone with a cake big enough to feed 30 people.

I also got my new camera that started this whole photography journey! One week later- schools were closed for the rest of the academic year.


At this point, I had a new level of respect for stay at home moms. Staying home, everyday, all day was really starting to wear on me.

This month I spent a lot of time taking horrible quality images and learning to teach online.

There were a lot of tears this month, as well new frustrations as we adjusted to being home ALL THE TIME.


The final month of teaching kids through zoom. I remember my coworkers and I talking about how unreal this is. This month we didn't do much that was exciting. Grayson became super mobile- that was fun. I also added a new skill to my resume: Alexa Patterson, barber.

I was tired of looking at my husband and Carter's too long hair. I decided to give him a quarantine haircut. It went so well that he had to shave all his hair off. What a cutie. Needless to say, I'm not allowed to cut his hair ever again.


We found creative ways to get out of the house. We had already picked/ate our body weight in strawberries. Slowly we started hitting up the Starbucks drive thru. Carter discovered his love for cake pops so much that the Baristas could hear him trying to order one from his car seat. Even when he was told no, he somehow managed to get a cake pop. Small price to pay for a little of silence :)

My barista had some jokes. Peep "kid won". Clearly they heard us give in to Carter's cake pop.

We also spent a lot of time at a small beach off the lake we live on and in the pool!


Cody and I did something we never do. We escaped the house, with NO kids, for the first time to go take couple's pictures with a local husband and wife team. We practiced things that we both had learned in the photography course of which we were both members. They were AMAZING. I was not HAHAHAHAHA

It was one of the hottest days of the year in the middle of the field, with barely any shade! You can see Cody's excitement!

Our pictures came out so GOOD!


The school year started and I have never been more stressed. It felt like my first year teaching all over again. Talk about adjusting. I felt like I was working harder than I ever have before. Teaching online was no joke.

Grayson also turned the big ONE this month! It was the fastest, yet longest year, ever!

My favorite birthday picture of him!


I was working to develop a routine for what was my new normal for this school year. This month is honestly such a blur. I can honestly say picture taking was not at the top of my list or even a thought. I had just upgraded my camera. All I remember was diving into my computer and staring at a screen from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed.


This month was the first time we have never gone trick or treating. I had a shoot early in the morning at a park in Manassas. We were still weary about where we ate, especially when we had the kids with us. They still had to wear matching outfits!


I found myself super busy with sessions this month. I had a session every weekend. We had managed to travel to do a session for my in laws and back again to do a session at sunrise.

We also took a day trip to VA beach so I could shoot my first wedding! The kids LOVED the water!

I ended the month with my first round of Christmas minis. I met 8 family's at a small tree farm in Madison, Virginia. It was the most rewarding experience.


This month started with my final round of Christmas mini's and I had two full sessions to end 2020.

Then of course Christmas. This year was the first year that Carter actually comprehended who Santa was and what happens on Christmas. When he woke up he was so excited because he knew Santa had came. He still didn't get why we had to leave "his" cookies for Santa. He was pretty upset that this random man ate his cookies that he worked to decorate.

Even though 2020 was not the year anyone expected, looking back there are so many bright spots that I am thankful for. I can't wait to see what 2021 has in store!

It's been real, it hasn't been fun. Cheers to the New Year!


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