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The Roy's

I have been photographing a lot of maternity milestones lately. I have loved how every couple and their pregnancy journey was so unique. Hallie and I met via Facebook. They had just moved to the area from Florida and were looking for a photographer. Hallie and her husband are getting ready to welcome their second child and they wanted to capture their last memories as a family of three.

Whenever I have new clients, I always send them a questionnaire to get to know a little about them before our sessions. Hallie had told me how she found out she was pregnant- courtesy of her husband’s gut instincts and about her family. She had mentioned that her daughter, Charlotte, was a little spitfire and SO full of energy. When it came time for our shoot, I noticed just how true this was!

We met at one of the local battlefields. The fields were full of brass colored wheatgrass. It was sunny and it was COLD- 34 degrees to be exact. Hallie and her family came out of the car ready to conquer the weather.

We had two things to accomplish: get/stay warm and get Charlotte on board with the session. We started with walking her around the field and having mom and dad swing her- SHE LOVED IT. She loved it so much that she was leading us everywhere! It was 34 degrees, with wind and I was SWEATING. She was so full of energy and had us on the move. She definitely helped keep us warm!

Here are some of my favorites from the session:

We had to work fast to get a shot of Mom and Dad before Charlotte had us on the move again!

I had given Charlotte my camera to try to get some shots of mom and dad by themselves. Turns out Charlotte actually helped deliver their pregnancy announcements with her own camera! So this shot was a MUST!

These love these two have!

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