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Welcome to the World Madelyn!

If anyone knows anything about me, you know that I love newborn pictures- actually any milestone pictures within the first year...or five. Newborn pictures are the one thing you’ll never regret. When my mom told me I had to get Carter’s newborn pictures done (she was ADAMANT). I made it happen. Even though I had my doubts, professional pictures seemed like they'd cost an arm and a leg when you're an unemployed, full time student stressing about how you are going to graduate- let alone pay for newborn pictures. When the pictures came in I had NO regrets. They are still my most favorite pictures of Carter to date.

When Kristen and James said they wanted to do newborn pictures for sweet Madelyn, I was IN. No matter how corny and cliché it is, it’s true- you’ll never get these moments back.

Kristen is the reading specialist at the elementary school I work at. She was new to our school this year so it completely went over my head that she told us she was pregnant in her welcome back video. She also is the face in my most favorite maternity session to date. Take a peak:


This was right when the sun started to shine through the trees. She walked into the field and the results were AH-MAZING.

We took her maternity pictures before James had to leave to work. They drove all the way from Charlottesville to watch the sunrise with me. All three of us were a little skeptical at first, because the sun was taking FOREVER to rise. Once it did, it was so worth it!

Kristen and James chose to be surprised when it came to their baby’s gender. I can only imagine the patience it took to wait almost 40 weeks to learn if a baby boy or girl would be joining their family. Fast forward to December 18th and baby Madelyn made HER appearance.

Madelyn was the sweetest little girl. She also stayed asleep the entire time- minus a few snack breaks!

Can you believe Kristen had a baby only a week before this?? She looks INCREDIBLE!


Who doesn't love baby feet???

You could just see how in love her parents were with her!

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